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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units

When moving belongings to a new unit, weather conditions are the one component you can’t control, you just hope it goes well. But what if you could control the climate? Here at Mule Box, we do that. 

Our climate controlled storage units change like the weather. When it’s hot outside, the storage unit is at a cool temperature; when it’s cold outside, we keep the storage unit set to a warm temperature. We do this to keep your belongings in the best shape possible, and make them feel at home. 

This is what makes us unique. Most often you’ll have to decide to store belongings inside, where the temperature is altered, or outside where it is more convenient to unpack and load a vehicle. Using Mule Box, you don’t have to decide! Our storage units are created with convenience in mind; they are climate controlled, and stay outside at ground level. 

So why is managing the climate inside your storage unit important? Here’s three benefits of using our climate controlled storage units: 

Protects Against Extreme Temperatures

The most significant benefit to using climate controlled storage units is that it protects against harsh weather conditions. Storing your belongings in a controlled climate storage unit prevents extreme temperatures from damaging items. Extreme climates can cause items to warp, crack, and make certain materials weak. Mule Box knows the battle against DFW’s extreme summer heat isn’t easy, so that’s why all of our boxes have a weather resistant corrugated metal roof. 

Fresh Air Quality

Another reason to use climate controlled storage units is that it holds cleaner air than traditional outdoor storage units. Inside the Mule Box, clean air is the product of continuous air circulation. Regular air circulation also fights against the accumulation of dust and debris. Air quality is often overlooked, but poor air quality can subtly worsen the condition of certain materials. 

Protects Against Humidity  

Humid environments create an abundance of moisture in the air, this can cause damage to fabrics due to dampness, or to sensitive items by engraving a musky smell. A buildup of humidity can result in mold and mildew growing. On the other hand, an environment that lacks any mixture and is too dry can cause damage to items. For example, wood can split or wine corks can loosen and cause leakage.  

We recommend using a climate controlled storage unit if you are storing furniture, clothes, documents, collectables, instruments, electronics, and all your belongings! Using this storage method keeps belongings in good condition for longer, and with our ultra-secure locks, your items will be safer. 

Why Choose Mule Box?

Our climate controlled Mule Boxes will protect your belongings from any Texas weather curveball. Want more information? Contact us today! We serve locally across the DFW metroplex. Allow us to make moving or storing your items easier for you. Get a FREE quote when you check us out online