What Makes Mule Box A Good Self-Storage Service?

Are you planning on storing your belongings in a self-storage unit? If yes, you must know that you are not alone. The concept of self-storage units has gained much popularity for business and personal storage. 

However, with so many self-storage companies, finding the best fit for your needs can take time and effort. Today’s blog will focus on the top qualities that make Mule Box the best portable storage container service in DFW.

The Size

When looking for a self-storage solution, you must look for an option with enough space to store everything you want. However, you should also ensure you don’t waste extra space according to your needs. If you live in an apartment, the size of your portable storage container will also dictate its accessibility to the area. 

Our Mule Box professionals can easily navigate through alleyways (a critical concern for everyone in the DFW area). Moreover, our storage units’ size enables them to easily fit through narrow openings and park under most carports without any issues. Unlike other storage solutions, our containers can be easily put on or off concrete without damage.  

Pick-Up and Delivery Services 

One critical factor to look for in a self-storage company is pick-up and delivery services. It is an ideal service for people who don’t have enough time or transportation to move their items into a self-storage unit effectively. 

The pick-up and delivery services offered by Mule Box allow you to schedule a pick-up and drop service to help take your belongings to your business, home, or wherever you need them. We can also help you store your moving box until you are ready to have it delivered to a preferred location. Our services are quite flexible and can easily match your busy schedule.

pick up and delivery storage container

Weather-Resistant Units

Another factor that makes Mule Box the best self-storage facility is that we offer weather-resistant storage units. It is essential since, without weather resistance, the items inside your storage unit might get destroyed over time. Our facility provides all portable storage containers with ideal humidity and temperature that are always maintained at a consistent level. 

When you book a typical moving box, the items you keep inside will be subject to regular changes in humidity and temperature. Moisture can easily damage various things made using paper and wood. If your self-storage facility doesn’t offer you weatherproofing, then their facility cannot promise to protect your belongings.

weather resistant storage container

Contact Mule Box Today For Better Assistance! 

If you want to shift your belongings into a storage unit without hassle, we suggest contacting Mule Box today! Call us at 469-884-6853 to book your pick-up right away! You can get in touch with us no matter where you live in or around the Dallas DFW area and require the facilities described above.