Mule Box Portable Storage Outside Of House.

Why Using a Mule Box When You Renovate Your House Makes More Sense vs. Self-Storage

Homes come in a lot of different types and sizes. Each house has its unique personality that is directly related to its interior design and décor of the space. However, not every home design translates to every family that shifts into the property. 

Home renovation projects are pretty standard nowadays. Studies show that homeowners who stay in the same property for more than six years tend to undertake some remodeling or renovation projects. It doesn’t matter how big or small your renovation project is; you must consider getting a portable storage container from Mule Box. Our storage units can help you make your renovation project much more manageable. 

Help Hold Additional Materials. 

A renovation project requires a lot of materials, and storing them inside your home during the renovation could be hazardous. Moreover, you don’t need to have all materials on site to finish the project. When you get a portable storage container from Mule Box, our professionals will deliver the unit to your location where you can easily access all your materials. 

Since Mule Box allows you to store all your materials on-site, you will not have to worry about driving back and forth from a storage facility. Organizing materials inside a moving box can also help you highlight any materials you need to buy and maintain order throughout the project. 

No Debris or Dust on Valuables 

One of the most irritating parts of a home remodeling project is the clean-up that comes afterward. Dust and debris can get on everything, and you can only cover a few areas using a plastic sheet. Cleaning after a home renovation project takes a lot of time and effort. Removing essential items from the space before you start the renovation will help you save your valuables from getting dirty. 

Our Mule Box containers are designed to navigate even the narrowest allies in DFW easily and can reach your property quickly. Moreover, these portable storage containers come in a custom size that can easily fit within any apartment’s parking strip. You can easily have your valuables tucked away safely inside these units and not worry about additional cleaning after completion. 

No More Breakage

Even if you do your best to plan your remodeling project, it’s impossible to account for everything. Accidents can happen. When you have valuable items in the room, the equipment could fall and lead to potential breakage. Storing all breakable items in a portable storage container from Mule Box can help you work more efficiently without worrying about any damage. Though you can never prepare for an accident, storing items in a secure storage box can significantly reduce your anxiety levels, making the entire renovation project smoother. 

Contact Mule Box To Book Your Container Today!

When you book Mule Box, our professional will show up at your house with your container. Since our containers can be easily kept on concrete and grass, you can keep the unit within reach on-site without worrying about moving items twice. You can even hire an hourly packer to help you load everything up if you don’t want to do it yourself. Call our team at 469-884-6853 for more information.