Mule Box Storage Container Moving to New Location

Mule Box Vs. Rental Trucks

We Do the Hauling

Do you like driving a massive rental truck? We didn’t think so. Why take on the stress of the roads and hassle of going to a store to rent a truck to begin with? Just call Mule Box and rent one of our portable self-storage containers and we’ll do the driving for you!

Delivered Right to Your Door

Unlike rental truck companies, we deliver our portable storage units right to your front door (or wherever you want it)! No need to wait in line to get keys to then go drive some unwieldy, bouncy truck. No need to have to stop and fill the rental truck back up with gas when you’re done using it. And no need to feel rushed to get your move done in a day. All of these hassles go away when you rent one of Mule Box’s portable storage containers.

Ground-Level Loading

Give your back a break and rent a Mule Box. Every Mule Box comes with convenient, barn-style doors that offers easy access and ground-level loading. Rental trucks? They force you to walk up ramps or lift your belongings 24”-28” inches above the lip. Even if you save a little money by renting a rental truck, you’ll pay for it with an aching back and sore muscles later.

Storage At Home or At a Secure Warehouse

Sometimes plans change or closing dates get moved. With a Mule Box these changes are handled stress-free because your items are right where you decide you want them. And you only have to pack and unpack once. With Mule Box, storage is built-in and right where you decide you want it!