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Packing Mistakes You Can Avoid

When moving homes, it can be difficult to pack all your belongings. You probably dread having to put it all in boxes you’ll unpack later. Moving is enough to cause stress, and packing belongings improperly only makes the job harder. Want to know how to make the next move easier on yourself? Here’s six packing mistakes you can avoid: 

Reusing Worn Out Boxes 

Reusing boxes is a great way to recycle and save a couple extra bucks, but there is a downside to doing this. Previously used boxes are more likely to break compared to new ones; it’s important they stay intact during the move to protect what is inside. Mule Box recommends extra layers of tape on the bottom and sides, if you’re reusing a box. We sell and rent boxes. 

Using Plastic Bags Rather Than Boxes 

These bags act as a quick solution to packing items around your house. They more often than not come from the grocery store, so it’s natural to want to pack food or the miscellaneous items around your living room inside them. But just like worn out boxes, plastic bags often break because they are made of weak material. Plastic bags provide no protection or support. While the bags are transported, what’s inside can get dumped out, get damaged or destroyed. 

Failing to Protect What’s Inside 

Boxes alone cannot protect fragile items, or completely stop items from shifting. Boxes can knock into each other when in transit. To protect your belongings, you should wrap fragile items in bubble wrap before placing them in the box. If there is empty space, you can put more bubble wrap, moving paper, or packing peanuts inside the box. Filling the space in your boxes will avoid items being jostled, and protect them from heavier objects placed or fallen on top. 

Packing Too Much in the Box

You may be wondering how overloading boxes is a mistake, but there are a few reasons. Firstly, over-stuffing boxes can make their weight unstable and difficult to stack on one another. Secondly, packing too many heavy items in one box can lead to the handles or bottom breaking. Lastly, it can lead to injuries when lifting or dropping the box. Mule Box recommends you practice lifting your boxes before you tape them; that way, if the boxes do not lift easily, transfer some items to a different box. 

Not Labeling the Outside 

You’ll thank yourself later for labeling your boxes. There’s a few benefits to doing this: it’s clear which boxes contain fragile items, you will already know what’s inside, can choose what order to unpack in, and movers know which room to place each box. Spending the extra minute doing this will save time and effort when you arrive at your new home. 

Waiting Until the Last Minute 

Packing takes time. Procrastinating can make you feel rushed and disorganized. To go with this, waiting until the last minute does not allow enough time to properly protect your belongings during the commute. Start the process by deciding which items need to be packed last, and those that can be set aside longer. A benefit to starting early is that you can sell or donate gently used items you were going to throw away. 

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