inside lining of portable storage container

Portable Storage Container: Why Pack With Mule Box?

Wondering what makes Mule Box’s portable storage containers better than national brands? Whether you are drowning in clutter, moving offices, or just making a fresh start, our Mule Box storage containers have multiple advantages and benefits for most scenarios.

Benefit 1: Durability

We are called Mule Box for a reason. Mule Box storage containers have more durability than your usual standard storage containers. The most significant benefit to renting a Mule Box portable storage container is obvious at first sight. Weather resistant metal roofing and walls improve not only the security of the portable storage container, it also improves the overall resistance the container has to natural elements. Comparatively, national storage container brands more often than not rent out legacy containers with lining instead of metal. This material structure can make your valuables vulnerable to theft or damages.

Benefit 2: Reliability

Our portable storage containers continue to live up to our brand with the reliability of the working mule you can depend on. Renting a Mule Box storage container is a more reliable choice than national storage container companies because we can deliver to tight spaces with immediate availability. Whereas you may have to battle with national brands that won’t work with your need for a safe and reliable space for your valuables. Some container companies may even force you to buy your own locks! A Mule Box storage container already has ultra-secure locks included.

Benefit 3: Versatility 

A major downside of national storage container rentals is that they may have restricted uses for their containers. Not Mule Box! The versatile uses of a Mule Box storage container are almost limitless. Our storage containers are optimal for:

  • Office relocations, moves, and restructurings
  • Moving homes, apartments, or dorms
  • Spring Cleaning, Home Renovations, and more!

If your relocation, restructuring, or moving plans get stalled, adjusted, or otherwise extended our boxes are just as adaptable for time as they are for use! You just hold onto the box for as long as you need and we will handle the billing as appropriate.

So Why The Mule?

Still not convinced Mule Box storage containers are your best choice? Let’s talk! As a locally owned DFW business, your concerns are our concerns. We want to ensure that you can complete your endeavors that require our containers with peace of mind and confidence in our product. Get a FREE quote today!