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Storage Containers vs Moving Company

Storage Containers Prevent Clutter

Moving Companies are usually a one-and-done service. This means that every item is moved to your new space, with little to no time to place it where it belongs. “Oh we just moved” can only be said for so long. With a storage container however, you move at your own pace. Not ready to move the couch? Can’t seem to figure out where you want to put the TV? A Mule Box storage container not only keeps your clutter to a minimum, it gives you the flexibility and control to place your items where you want when you want. 

Storage Containers Are Reliable

There is a moderate amount of risk when using a moving company. You cannot guarantee the experience or the care that the moving company will provide when moving your items. A vase may be shattered, a painting ripped, or a couch ruined if the moving company is not careful. Alternatively, a storage container places the items that need to be moved in the hands of the person who will handle them with the most care and experience, yours. You can move items at your own pace with the care and safety needed for the big move. Mule Box Storage Containers also have the added benefit of being highly secure and capable of withstanding Texan weather conditions, removing any worry while you take the time you need to make your move perfect.

Storage Containers Have Versatile Uses

Some moving companies specialize in types of moves. This can vary depending on the company, but there are multiple categories that they can fall under:

  • Local Moves: Moving a short distance (>100 Miles) 
  • Long Distance Moves: Moving an extended distance within your State (100+ miles)
  • Interstate Moves: Moving from one state to another.
  • International Moves: Moving from one country to another
  • Corporate Moves: Moving from one office to another

With storage containers however, there aren’t limitations to what type of move can be performed. A Mule Box storage container already has the specialization needed for most types of moves. Mule Box Storage Containers are durable, reliable, versatile, and ready at a moment’s notice, while being easily accessible throughout the process.

Why Mule Box Storage Containers Are Your Best Moving Option:

Compared to moving companies, Mule Box Storage Containers are the better choice all-around. The versatility, reliability, and convenience of storage containers are unique benefits that can not be matched by moving companies. These benefits are the power of the mule, start discovering it by contacting us today!