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Top Places to Live in DFW

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is experiencing constant growth and has become a popular destination for many individuals. The DFW area has experienced a growth rate of approximately 8.64%, and during the years 2022-2023, it grew at a faster pace than any other region in the United States. CultureMap Dallas found that DFW can and probably will hit the 8 million person threshold within the next five years. It’s possible that DFW could grow to become the biggest metro area by the next century. DFW offers countless opportunities, which is why it’s not surprising that many people are choosing to relocate here. With endless cities in the metroplex, we’re happy to provide our suggestions on some of the top places to live in the area.

Coppell: The Top Suburb in DFW

Did you know that Coppell is considered the top suburb to live in the DFW area and one of the best cities in Texas? With excellent schools, vibrant nightlife, diverse culture, and beautiful housing, it’s no wonder why. The Coppell population is about 42,500, and the city gives off a dense suburban atmosphere that’s perfect for those with a variety of interests. You’ll find top-notch attractions like golf clubs, parks, the farmers market, museums, and the art center. The residents of Coppell are highly educated, hardworking, and committed to their community. To learn more about the pros and cons of the city, you can see more statistics and information about Coppell here

Southlake Texas neighborhood

Southlake: The Best Suburb for Families

Southlake is considered the best suburb to raise a family in the DFW area. This is due to its excellent schools, job opportunities, attractive housing options, and low crime rates. With a population of almost 31,000, Southlake provides a more rural atmosphere and offers a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Additionally, Southlake is conveniently located midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, providing easy access to both cities while living in a suburb. The community in Southlake is very engaged and takes great pride in their hometown, making it a welcoming place for newcomers. To learn more about what it’s like to live in this city, see more information here

Frisco: The Perfect Blend of Urban and Suburban Living

Are you searching for a location that offers the perfect blend of urban and suburban living? Frisco, a stunning suburb of Dallas, is home to a population of more than 193,000 individuals.  Overall, the city’s scores in terms of schools, housing, job opportunities, and family-friendly attractions are excellent. Frisco is rated highly diverse, with no particular age group or ethnicity towering over others. Frisco is renowned for its diversity, with no one ethnicity or age group dominating the community. Residents are actively involved in community events and take pride in supporting their city. With a plethora of activities and events, there’s no shortage of entertainment options for everyone to enjoy in Frisco.

Plano, TX road

Plano: One of the Best Places to Live in Texas

Not only is Plano one of the best places to live in Texas, it’s ranked as the eighth best city to buy a house in America. About 183 years old, the city has a dense suburban feel with all the amenities of a large city. Out of all the cities on this list, Plano has the highest population with approximately 288,200 residents. With a large population, Plano is diverse on all levels – economically, ethnically, and educationally. The community in Plano is active and engaging, enjoying recreational parks, trails, highly-rated restaurants, and other attractions. Exploring the city is a joy that is easy to fall in love with. 

Flower Mound: The Perfect Place to Settle Down

Named after the abundance of wildflowers that grew on the land, Flower Mound is rated as the best place to live in Denton County. With a population just over 75,000, this city boasts great community engagement. Flower Mound ranks high in schools, jobs, and places to raise a family. If you enjoy the outdoors, the city offers numerous parks, lake water, and breathtaking scenery. It is a perfect location for those seeking to settle down in a home and move away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Flower Mound has a diverse population, but the majority hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, making it an ideal location for members of the workforce. 

Moving Into DFW

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