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Residential Storage Solutions

Thanks to Mule Box, making trips back and forth to a self-storage warehouse is a thing of the past.

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Storage Container for Your Home

Your Mule Box can be parked within 3 inches of the curb, unlike the other pod company that use a delivery system unable to be within 8 inches of the curb.With our MuleBot delivery system, we can fit in any alley in the DFW area to put your Mule Box in your driveway. There isn’t a spot too tight that we can’t deliver one of our Mule Boxes to.

Storage Container for Your Apartment

Mule Box has created a unique delivery system just for apartments. This system allows us to park one of our 16’ x 8’ boxes PERFECTLY within the parking stripes in ANY apartment complex. Other competitors either can’t deliver to apartments or can only deliver an 8’ or 12’ box which struggles to fit 1BR worth of contents. Not Mule Box, because we designed a unique delivery system JUST for apartments so we can provide our customers with bigger boxes that fit up to 2BR worth of contents.

Onsite Storage Units

Looking to clear out space while you remodel your home? Safely store your belongings on-site in our weather-resistant portable storage container with a state-of-the-art locking mechanism.

Offsite Storage Units

Want to declutter and enjoy your home more? Fill our container with your items, and we’ll pick it up and keep it at our safely secured facility.Our indoor, climate-controlled warehouse is located in the industrial warehouse district in the heart of Grand Prairie, TX. It has 24-hour video security surveillance to ensure our Mule Boxes and your belongings are always kept safe!

Storage Done A Better Way – The Mule Box Way

Whatever the reason, hire the hard-working Mule Box team you know you can trust. Mule Box is the simpler, smarter solution for all your storage needs!

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