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Temporary Storage Containers

When you need to store things for just a short time, Mule Box can help you in no time.

SAVE 25% on Your 1st Month's Rent.*

(Details Apply)

*Offer avallable for new orders only on the container rental only (does not apply to transportation or storage at our facilities)

Storage Container for Your Home

Your Mule Box can be parked within 3 inches of the curb, unlike the other pod company that use a delivery system unable to be within 8 inches of the curb.With our MuleBot delivery system, we can fit in any alley in the DFW area to put your Mule Box in your driveway. There isn’t a spot too tight that we can’t deliver one of our Mule Boxes to.

The Permanent Solution For Temporary Self-Storage

Mule Box provides two options when it comes to your portable self storage needs. You can store at your own location (residential or business) or you can store at our climate-controlled warehouse. Both are great options, providing a convenience and service unmatched by any self-storage provider.And when you rent with Mule Box, you can be assured that we always offer the most competitive pricing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Short-Term Self-Storage Benefits

By choosing a short-term self-storage solution, you’re guaranteeing yourself the ability to pack on your timeframe and at your location. No need to pack and unpack several times. And you’ll get the back-saving benefit of being able to load your items at ground level. No need to lift 2-3 feet in the air to clear a rental truck’s loading dock. And no need to go up and down a rental truck's steps or ramp. Every Mule Box allows ground-level loading and unloading. Right in your own driveway or business location.Even better if you’re relocating, you get to save the time and hassle of standing in line to rent a big, unwieldy box truck. Why? Because you pack it and we move it. With Mule Box, it’s the simplest way to handle your short-term self storage needs.

Flexible Storage to Serve Your Move

Unlike self-storage providers that often require multi-month or yearly rental agreements, Mule Box allows you to simply rent one month at a time. Don’t stress about weeks between home closings. Mule Box is the perfect solution for temporary storage. No long-term commitments or contracts required!

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