Mule Box indoor climate facility for storage

Are Storage Warehouses Safe?

When it’s time to store your belongings, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring their safety. You want to make sure that everything remains in the same condition as when you left it and that nothing goes missing. It’s a terrible feeling to discover that an item or items have disappeared, despite being led to believe they were secure in the warehouse. Although the Mule Box warehouse offers various advantages and features, it, like any other facility, is susceptible to problems. However, Mule Box offers a unique “Stays With You” option that allows you to enjoy all the storage benefits of a warehouse while keeping your possessions in your possession. Many people find this option more appealing because it not only makes them feel safer, but they also have 24-hour access to their belongings.

Benefits to Using the Mule Box Warehouse for Storage

Storing your items in a warehouse has many benefits, some examples including:

  • Your belongings are kept in a safe place and won’t hinder your daily activities. Although traveling to and from the warehouse may seem inconvenient, with proper planning, you can easily access your belongings.
  • Your items are stored in a climate-controlled area. That’s right- not only are our Mule Box containers climate-controlled, but our warehouse is as well! This means you can be twice as sure that any items that you are storing will remain in excellent condition.   
  • Our warehouse is under 24-hour video security surveillance, so you can trust that your belongings are stored with care with Mule Box. 

The “Stays With You” Storage Option 

We offer our customers a convenient and secure storage solution where you have 24/7 access to their personal property. With our “Stays With You” option, accessing your storage container is just as easy as any of our other services. The first step is to put in a request for your storage container, then we bring it to you, and finally, you pack it! We will provide you with a quote based on the number of containers you require and the duration of storage. Our boxes are equipped with ultra-secure locks and weather-resistant roofs, to make our customers feel that their belongings are extra safe and secure. 

Safe Packaging Tips

If you choose to store your items in our warehouse, you must keep in mind they will be on the move. We wanted to provide you with some tips for packing that will help keep your items safe on the road. 

  • Choose your boxes carefully. If a box is too big for what you’re packing, stuff it with tissue paper or towels to fill the space. Otherwise, your items are more likely to move around and break if they’re fragile.
  • Place the heavier items at the bottom of the box, and lighter ones at the top to prevent any unbalance. 
  • Organize and pack your items by room, and label them correctly. If you have designated boxes for each room, it will make both packing and unpacking easier for you. 

Mule Box prioritizes the needs of our customers and offers competitive prices compared to other storage companies. To learn more about our service areas, read about each city that we serve in the DFW Metroplex on our website. For more information on frequently asked questions or reasons to choose Mule Box, take a look at our blog. Contact us when you are ready to store, move, or both!